Photogenically yours…

The day has come and how super exciting it is. Our own PR company – who’d have thought it? Of course, the real reason behind all this is so that Natalie and I can finally call ourselves Directors!

The build-up to this moment has been all-consuming – setting up a business is no mean feat and our thanks go to everyone who has made this possible; our special thanks go to Simon and Ben – we couldn’t have done this without your brilliant support.

Now some people might find this a little strange, but one of my main concerns has been related to the fact that I was informed I was going to have to have my photograph taken for the website and anybody who knows me will be fully aware that I intensely dislike having my photo taken. Have done for as long as I can remember and that’s never going to change.

On this particular occasion, naturally the lovely Natalie is required to be in the photo with me and the fact that she is a tad (OK – a lot) on the gorgeous side (although she’d modestly protest) doesn’t help the matter as far as I’m concerned. Come to think of it I’ve never seen a bad photo of her, no matter what time of day or night it’s been or how many very small glasses of vino she/we might have participated in.

So gearing up in the knowledge that my partner Simon has scheduled in a window of photographic opportunity between his work, garden renovation and being an allotment supremo (you have to see it to believe it), the appointment with the hairdresser is made as I feel I need to do something, and quick.

It’s the usual short cut but this time along with the annual low-lights/highlights (I’ve never been able to tell the difference) and I think the result is rather fetching, so much so that I fully anticipate a rapturous response from Simon when he gets home. It didn’t happen. I had a ‘you’ve had your hair cut, it’s short’. And that was it. It doesn’t bode well or fill me with confidence for our starring moment!

So the big day comes and not being one for normally wearing a vast amount of make-up, I slowly increase the amount until I end up resembling somebody who isn’t me at all, so it’s back to the drawing board (literally).

Then the moment is here and I put my fears aside and stand proudly next to my new business partner and beam into the camera – ‘perhaps this is going to go well after all’, I think to myself. Simon snaps away, I gain more in confidence, he views the images on his camera, I wait with baited breath to hear all is well and then he looks at me and says ‘that’ll do nicely Gromit’…


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