Worries and word of mouth

The last few weeks have been something of a blur! It’s fair to say that we’ve hit the ground running – which is great news, but it hasn’t been without its hiccups, worries and panic stations!

Sarah and I had worked successfully together for 13 years, so when Sarah left the Hippodrome after 30 years as Press Officer, and just weeks later I left my role at The Bristol Post, it was serendipitous.

We realised it was now or never to set up the joint venture we’d so often spoken of.

Of course, being the pair of worriers that we are, we both immediately came up with endless lists of questions and concerns. Where do we start? How do we set up a website? How do we organise a business account? How do we get the word out there? How do we stop worrying so much?

Luckily, our partners, family, friends and colleagues were all on hand to give help, advice and support. And for that we’re very grateful. The reaction we had to the launch of our business and website was phenomenal, with lots of shares and likes for our Facebook page as well as messages of congratulations and people willing to recommend us on Facebook.

But then it was down to the real work and the sleepless nights.

Word-of-mouth has been our biggest asset. It was through a friend that we found a great accountant, Tom Payne (Abaqus Limited), who very quickly put our minds at rest and plotted out the steps to registering our business with Companies House, as well as walking us through complex issues like tax, book-keeping, insurance and so on.

It was through word-of-mouth that we secured our first clients, artist Anton Christian and a local charity. They were both wonderful to work with and we were able to secure lots of coverage in print, online and on radio. They were thrilled with our work and the results.

It has never been more important to access the services of good PR practitioners.
“I have worked with Sarah and Natalie on the promotion of my own enterprise, and found them dedicated, professional, and more importantly ‘effective’.
“I would un-reservedly recommend DaisyChain PR to anyone who wishes to raise their own profiles and put themselves ‘out there’.”

Anton Christian, artist

It was through word-of-mouth that the Wales Millennium Centre requested to see us and hear our pitch. Despite feeling like the new kids in school, they were impressed and we won a three-month contract to work on two of their touring shows. Yay us!

Our partners, friend and family have also been instrumental in us succeeding. My husband Ben set up our website for us and has become our un-paid IT guru. Sarah’s partner Simon has been roped into taking pictures and offering business advice. My parents have been looking after my 5-year-old twins when meetings have prevented me from picking them up from school, and Sarah’s friends have been on hand to dog-sit or just offer a cup of tea when it all gets a bit much!

Nothing is going to stop us worrying, though. We’re both born worriers and setting up a business takes over your life, especially when you hit the ground running as we have. We’ve been trying to get all the legal and business side of things set up at the same time as working our socks off for our clients and making new connections and meeting people to try to secure future business.

Luckily, we have each other. Whenever we’re panicking (often unnecessarily), or we’re a bit confused about something, we’ve had another sleepless night, or we just need to hear a friendly voice, we just pick up the phone, Skype or pop round to see one another to remind ourselves how far we’ve come, how pleased our clients are with what we’ve achieved for them already, and how we’re finally doing what we wanted to do for all those years.

If you’d like to find out how we could help your business, event or charity, do get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Natalie x

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