Comfort Zone

Here I am again, popping up to write my second blog.

I’m informed by my ever present and most helpful assistant Google that a blog is ‘an updated personal journal or diary and a place to express yourself to the world’. Of course, whether the world wants to read my slightly bonkers ramblings is another matter entirely but did get me thinking that I could rabbit on about anything here…

But today I’ll stay in a comfortable zone, which leads me nicely on to one of my favourite subjects – comfort zones.

One of the most important things we believe DaisyChain PR can offer is a way to enhance and build on your brand in the eyes of both existing and potential customers. With this latest blog article I thought I’d look at one of my favourite brands, John Lewis, in a bid to try and understand why it’s become such a comfort zone for me personally.

In theory I have three comfort zones – John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway, Waitrose and Gloucester Services (either north or sound-bound it really doesn’t matter). However, JL really do come out tops so permit me to briefly extol the virtues of this marvellous store.

I have no idea how they do it or what the magic ingredient is but even the thought of a visit to John Lewis can envelop me in a world of calm (I don’t get out much).

There is something so pleasing to the senses about the store that it doesn’t matter what kind of day I’ve had: once I step through the doors I feel at peace, relaxed and any everyday trivialities simply disperse – possibly heading off themselves to browse the lighting department.

Whether the latte and cheese scone upon arrival (other baked delicacies are also available), the visual delight at the artistically arranged products all over the store or browsing through the vast array of simply gorgeous towels (I have a thing about them) there is no end to my enjoyment.

As for the staff, well what I can say? There is always a helpful sales advisor on hand by the elevator ready to assist with any enquiries and they are always so polite and cheery. This is in complete contrast these days to so many establishments where poor customer service seems to be the norm and which really infuriates me…

But that’s a subject matter for another blog… watch this space!

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