DaisyChain PR Q&A – Eddie Large

As Christmas approaches, DaisyChain PR caught up with comedian and former pantomime king, Eddie Large

DaisyChain PR boasts some great supporters and we thought it was a nice idea to find out what makes them tick and share that with you. First up in our series of Q&As is comedian Eddie Large.

The comic, best known as a part of the double act Little and Large with Syd Little, is a warm, larger-than-life character who lives in Portishead with his very lovely wife.

Eddie, who you’ll often find strolling along Portishead Marina or catching a show at The Bristol Hippodrome, is looking and feeling better than ever following his heart transplant in 2003. He is a passionate supporter of organ donation and he has joined the campaign for everyone to become a potential donor.

Despite retiring, he can’t resist the smell of the greasepaint and still makes one-off appearances on stage and screen. Eddie and Syd have recorded a programme for Channel 5 and will be appearing on BBC1’s Pointless Celebrities in the new year – plus a couple more high profile TV shows which are still under wraps!

Eddie Large photo
Legendary comic Eddie Large

DaisyChain: What’s your favourite local landmark?
Eddie Large: The Suspension Bridge

DC: And the best place to eat?
EL: Il Giardino in Clevedon

DC: What’s your best quality?
EL: Easy going

DC: And your worst?
EL: Moody!

DC: What’s your guilty pleasure?
EL: Custard slices

DC: What’s at the top of your bucket list?
EL: To visit New York

DC: Have you got a secret skill?
EL: I can flick 28 beer mats off a table and catch them in the same hand!

DC: Do you prefer to watch TV or see a live show?
EL: Live show

DC: And which do you prefer to work on?
EL: Live!

DC: What was the last show you saw?
EL: War Horse

DC: If you hadn’t made it as a comic, what career path would you have taken?
EL: An Engineer

DC: Who or what makes you laugh?
EL: Tommy Cooper, Eric Morecambe, Peter Kay, Billy Conolly and Bernard Manning!

DC: How would you like to be remembered?
EL: As a good husband, a good dad and a good grandad

DC: Happiness is…
EL: The love of a good woman

DaisyChain PR is a friendly and efficient PR company based in the West Country. It’s run by co-directors Natalie Banyard (previously Entertainment Editor at the Bristol Post) and Sarah Milne (formerly Press Officer at Bristol Hippodrome). To find out more about what we could do for your company, please take a moment to browse our website and get in touch

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