DaisyChain PR Q&A: BBC Radio Bristol presenter Claire Cavanagh

DaisyChain PR boasts some great supporters and we thought it was a nice idea to find out what makes them tick and share that with you. This month, we catch up with BBC Radio Bristol’s Claire Cavanagh.

Claire, who lives in Totterdown with her wife Kim, hosts The Afternoon Show weekdays from 2pm to 4pm, featuring the stars, both national and local, who are touring Bristol and Somerset.

DaisyChain: What’s the best thing about your job?

Claire Cavanagh: Sounds cheesy, but definitely meeting the guests. Some of them really surprise you. We have great musicians on the show from all over the world who are gigging in Bristol and they come in and play live. One Kiwi singer in particular called Marlon Williams sticks in my mind, his voice was a combination of Elvis and Nina Simone – incredible. These people aren’t stars, but I think they deserve to be. For me, they’re as talented as Ed Sheeran or Adele.

DC: Who would you love to interview?

CC: So many. Diana Ross, but I would be terrified, and Madonna (the same) are on the long list. I think that when you get that famous, it’s probably almost impossible to get an entertaining interview out of them, because they’re on their guard, and I imagine one of their “people” may insist on looking at your questions before you start. Hugh Grant seems like a top bloke, I’d be happy to have him on, if he’s reading this.

DC: Who or what inspires you?

CC: Broadcasting legends like David Dimbleby, who is smooth as silk on election night. His daughter, the jazz singer Kate Dimbleby, has been on the show and we got on really well – there’s an inner confidence you exude when you’re from one of the most famous broadcasting families in the UK. And seeing Kate Adie reporting from the first Gulf War, that was incredible – a woman – in a hard hat – on the telly news. I’m definitely not the personality type to go to a war zone, I don’t think they need me weeping on their shoulders, but seeing Kate Adie made me slowly realise that I could be a journalist.

DC: Who or what makes you laugh?

CC: Victoria Wood was the best, the detail in her writing was incredible and me and my school friend Angela Pinnington used to watch tapes of her recorded off the telly over and over until we knew every word. I saw Bill Bailey in Bristol a couple of years ago and he is brilliant. He did a whole thing about Niall from One Direction saying what he missed about home was his nan’s gammon and all these screaming teenage girls watching 1D went silent because they didn’t have a clue what gammon was, it was brilliant!

DC: Where’s your favourite local watering hole?

CC: I live in Totterdown, so we pop in to Southside on Wells Road sometimes to toast the start of the weekend. The Shakespeare around the corner is also great – a proper pub, which are quite rare these days – and The Victoria next to Bristol Lido, which is five minutes from work, is the same.

DC: And your favourite Bristol view?

CC: From Perrett’s Park, you get a cracking view of the Suspension Bridge, Cabot Tower, the lot. We went there first thing in the morning to watch the balloons take off from Ashton Court one year, they went up in the sky and the wind blew them in the opposite direction. They were just tiny specks in the distance.

DC: What holiday destination would you always recommend?

CC: I love going anywhere new. I went to Lisbon for the first time recently and loved it, there are these little kiosks everywhere where you can sit outside and have everything from coffee to wine or a full meal.

DC: What’s the last album you listened to?

CC: Marc Almond’s Shadows And Reflections, his take on 60s tunes, like the ones made famous by Dusty Springfield. I like the way he reinvents himself and hasn’t been only rooted in the 80s when Soft Cell were having loads of hits.

DC: And the last live show you saw?

CC: Miss Saigon. It was an all bells and whistles Cameron Mackintosh production, but the themes are pretty heavy and I’m not sure I loved the music. The cast were ridiculously energetic though and never put a foot wrong.

DC: What’s your favourite TV programme?

CC: Dinner Dates. A woman on it the other day and had never heard of salami!

DC: And your telly turn-off?

CC: Medical dramas. If they spent more time dealing with the patients rather than chatting up their colleagues, they’d be able to cut that fictional waiting list in half.

DC: What are you currently excited about/looking forward to?

CC: Spending time at our static caravan in Devon. We drive two hours down the M5 and even if you just spend one night there, it feels like you’ve been on holiday.

DC: How would you like to be remembered?

CC: A great loss to local radio broadcasting.

DC: Happiness is…

CC: A gin and tonic made by my wife, Kim. Lime, not lemon, but she knows that.

DaisyChain PR

DaisyChain PR is an effective, honest and bespoke PR service.

The company was forged as a result of a highly effective working relationship between former Bristol Post Features Writer Natalie Banyard and ex-Bristol Hippodrome Press Officer Sarah Milne.

Through our network of contacts and combined 40+ years of experience, plus our driven, hard-working and friendly approach, we secure as much media and web coverage as we can for our clients.

And in terms of costs, we can offer personalised packages at highly competitive rates (including hourly) for those on a tight budget.

Simply visit daisychainprlimited.com to start the ball rolling.

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Ellen Kent, Ellen Kent Opera & Ballet International

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Julian Withers, Head of Fundraising & Communications – Jessie May Children’s Hospice at Home

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