DaisyChain PR Q&A – BBC Broadcaster and artist Richard Lewis

DaisyChain PR has some great supporters and clients, and this month we catch up with BBC broadcaster and artist Richard Lewis.

Renowned locally for his BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Somerset radio shows, long-time broadcaster Richard is less known for this stunning art work. But that’s all about to change as he launches a new website showcasing his paintings.

The Gloucestershire-based radio presenter, who also boasts a 20-year TV career as a producer, discovering impressionist Jon Culshaw, and working with Bake-Off star Sandi Toksvig, chat show king Michael Parkinson and TV presenter Noel Edmonds among others, creates original art at affordable prices.

Richard’s work can be found on his new website, www.amberleyart.com.

DC: What’s the best bit about your job as a radio presenter?

RL: Being one side of so many different conversations – and there have been many over the years.  I don’t do interviews, I do conversations.  I’m not there to ask a question on a list – I never have any preconceived idea of where an interview will go and never write anything down. You wouldn’t script a conversation you’re going to have down the pub, so why would you do that on the radio?

DC: Who is the most inspirational person you’ve met?

RL: Spike Milligan. I grew up loving the Goon Show, but I only knew it from the BBC records they released, as I was 10 years too late to hear it on the radio (we didn’t have the BBC iPlayer in the early 70s!). Milligan changed the direction of British comedy. He could be hard work but that comes with genius. When I was writing for Noel’s House Party I got to pen a script for him – big thrill.

DC: What do you do to relax?

RL: Find a canvas and start painting. The outside world doesn’t get to invade when I’ve got a brush in my hand.

DC: What’s your favourite local landmark?

RL: The North Nibley Monument. I can stand at my back door and look at it glowing in the darkness like an orange exclamation mark.

DC: And your favourite scene to paint?

RL: At the moment it’s beaches and shorelines. I take photos, make sketches and bring them back to the studio.

Pic - Richard Lewis in his studio with his painting 'Girl on the Beach', Cyprus. Credit Beth Lewis
Richard in his studio at home, with his painting ‘Girl on the Beach’ – photo credit Beth Lewis

DC: What’s your best quality?

RL: I think I’m a pretty good dad.

DC: And your worst?

RL: Unexpected loss of hair.

DC: What’s your guilty pleasure?

RL: Chitterlings.

DC: Have you got a secret skill?

Cooking. I love it.

DC: Where’s your favourite place to holiday?

RL: Florida or The Algarve (lots of craggy bays and sandy beaches).

DC: What/who makes you laugh?


DC: How would you like to be remembered?

RL: Sorry, what did you say his name was?

DC: Happiness is…

RL: A heaving table surrounded by family and friends; love, laughing and food.

DC: When can people tune in to hear you on the radio?

RL: BBC Radio Bristol and BBC Somerset 10am-1pm on Sundays – and on various days throughout the year when they’ve run out of other people to put on.

DC: And how can we find out more about your art work?

RL: My online gallery is at www.amberleyart.com

Pic - Richard Lewis - Weston-Super-Mare beach. Credit Beth Lewis
Richard in action on Weston-super-Mare beach – photo credit Beth Lewis

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